Long Travel

The Instron model XL (long travel) extensometer is a precise device for measuring strain in highly extensible materials such as elastomers, semi-rigid plastics and films.

Designed for use with electromechanical testing instruments, Instron XL units can be used to measure specimens elongation's up to 10 in or 250 mm. An optional of 15 in or 375 mm travel is also available.

Principle Of Operation

The high elongation extensometer is designed to clamp directly onto to a specimen quickly and easily. It will adjust to incremental gauge lengths ranging from 0.5 in to 5 in or 10 mm to 200 mm.

The XL will accommodates up to 10 in of clamp displacement and is specifically designed to permit testing the sample through rupture without damaging the extensometer or otherwise disrupting the test routine.

The XL extensometer is based on a pair of carefully counterbalanced clamp assemblies which drive a potentiometer through connecting cables. Both clamps move freely but any increase in the separation or differential motion will advance the transducer.

The upper and lower specimen clamps are separately counterbalanced and guided on a polished and ground shaft with linear bearings so that none of the extensometer’s weight is applied to the specimen.

Application Range

  • Elastomeric testing
  • Plastics testing
  • Testing of materials having high elongation properties
  • Cellular materials