Instron offers the world's most comprehensive range of solutions for testing composite materials and components: tension, compression, shear, torsion, planar biaxial, impact, and rheological properties to name a few. In addition to quality hardware, Instron also offers a wide range of services for verification and alignment. Select from the categories below to learn more.

Tensile Testing of Laminates and Coupons

Tensile testing of laminates and coupons

High precision, stiff testing systems and accessories built to withstand the repeated shock loads from composite specimen breaks - whilst maintaining excellent alignment.

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Precision Manual Wedge Grips

Grips for composite testing

New "Precision" Series manual wedge grips - designed specifically for alignment-sensitive tension and compression testing - provide a host of new and advanced features for testing metals and composites at ambient, high, and low temperature.

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High and Low Temperature Testing

High and low temperature of composites

Chambers, grips, and layout drawings to help you configure the optimal system for tension, compression, shear, and other testing at non-ambient conditions.

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Composite Fixtures

Composite Fixtures

Comprehensive range of quality fixtures for testing laminates and sandwich materials from -70ºC to +250ºC (-94ºF to +392ºF).

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Fatigue and Fracture

Fatigue testing of composites

Servohydraulic and Electrodynamic systems with force ranges from 1 kN to 5,000 kN (200 lbs to 1,000,000 lbs), for static and dynamic testing of composite materials and components

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Alignment Technology

Alignment Specimen

A comprehensive suite of products and services to achieve and maintain superior alignment - to get the most out of alignment-sensitive composite materials.

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Impact Testing of Composites

Impact testing of composites

Drop towers and pendulum systems for qualifying the impact resistance of composite and other materials.  From basic un-instrumented to fully instrumented systems with ultra high speed data acquisition.

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Specimen-Self Heating Control


Increase the throughput and consistency of your composites and polymers testing by optimizing the test frequency with the Specimen Self-Heating Control.

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