2712 Series Pneumatic Side Action Grips (2712-041, 2712-042, 2712-045, 2712-046)

Instron® 2712-04x Series Pneumatic grips, packed with features to enhance gripping performance, usability, and operator safety.

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  • 5/16/2019
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3119 600 Series Environmental Chambers Brochure

3119-600 Series - Environmental Chambers

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  • 5/9/2019
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3400 Series Universal Testing Systems

Instron 3400 Series universal testing systems for tensile, compression, bend, and other material property tests.

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  • 5/2/2019
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Bluehill Elements

Bluehill Elements is software design for your basic and simple testing needs. Allowing users to perform tensile, compression, flexure, peel, and tear testing.

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  • 4/9/2019
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Bluehill Impact

Built on our popular and adaptive Bluehill platform, Bluehill Impact is Instron’s newest and most powerful impact testing software. The new platform, with its meticulously crafted visual design, is built from the ground up for touch interaction. Bluehill Impact features large touchpoints and intuitive gestures to make the user experience simpler and smarter than ever before. Bluehill Impact not only increases the power and flexibility found in previous versions of Instron’s impact testing software, it also boasts many advanced capabilities such as pre-loaded test methods, real-time analog dials with digital data, and enhanced reports and data exporting.

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  • 4/5/2019
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10 kN Linear Torsion Mechanical Grips 2742-316

Designed to suit the ElectroPuls™ E10000 Linear-Torsion, the 2742-316 mechanical wedge-action grips are suitable for tension, compression, reverse-stress, and torsiontesting on a wide range of specimens and materials. The grips are mechanically operated and the open-fronted design provides easy specimen insertion, positioning, and clamping.

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  • 3/7/2019
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