AverEdge32 | AVE 2 Advanced Feature

AverEdge32 is an optional advanced feature of Instron’s AVE 2 non-contacting extensometer. Standard extensometers with a single local transverse strain measurement can exhibit stepped changes in transverse strain data, making it challenging to obtain an accurate value. AverEdge32 measures transverse strain at multiple locations along the specimen edges and averages them to produce a smooth and repeatable value, which is essential when calculating the r-value of sheet metal.

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  • 7/7/2020
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ITW Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This Statement relates to our fiscal year ended December 31, 2019. It describes the activities of Illinois Tool Works Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries (the “Company,” “ITW,” “we,” “us” and “our”) to eliminate slavery and human trafficking from its business and supply chains.

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  • 6/26/2020
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High Low Temperature Pneumatic Grips 2kN 10kN

Instron’s 2 kN and 10 kN high /low temperature pneumatic grips offer a versatile gripping solution for a wide range of materials with the added ability to perform tests in a non-ambient environments when performing testing in an environmental chamber.

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  • 6/15/2020
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Para las compañías farmacéuticas y de dispositivos médicos, la validación del software es fundamental para el cumplimiento de la FDA 21 CFR Parte 820, también conocida como Regulación del Sistema de Calidad (QSR) e ISO 13485. Los Servicios Profesionales de Instron® han proporcionado servicios de documentación y validación in situ para respaldar Calificación de instalación / Calificación operativa (IQ / OQ) y validación de software durante muchos años. Este servicio, provisto por el fabricante del equipo original, está diseñado para garantizar que su equipo de ensayos Instron sea adecuado para el propósito previsto y capaz de producir resultados válidos.

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  • 6/4/2020
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Automated XY Stage Testing System

The Instron Automated XY Stage Testing System is designed for automated testing of devices or components with multiple test points such as medical devices, syringes, or keypads. The XY stage easily mounts to a 6800 or 5900 Series testing frame. Instron’s Bluehill Universal Software offers complete system control in one package: XY stage movement, method development, test control and results.

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  • 5/21/2020
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ElectroPuls 16-Station Testing System

ElectroPuls 16-station fatigue fixture allows the simultaneous testing of up to 16 specimens to drastically reduce total test times and help deliver products to market sooner. Medical devices, such as coronary stents, require multiple successful results over hundreds of millions of cycles in order to ensure decades of safe operation and gain FDA approval.

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  • 5/20/2020
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